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Cinevation has cemented a long term, strategic partnership with Spencer Proffer and his esteemed, U.S. based media production company, Meteor 17. On our side of the world, Meteor 17 has set up an operation based out of our Cinevation offices, here in Johannesburg. Headquartered in Los Angeles, this convergence and production venture is helmed by Proffer. M17 is producing and is developing an ambitious slate of projects across music, TV, film, internet, live event, and other platforms, integrating brand marketing and music as organic components. Meteor17 is a full service organization that actively participates from conception and architecture through all phases of deal making, production, marketing. Spencer Proffer is a highly regarded media producer and strategist with a long history of connecting with audiences. His productions and those he has been integrally involved with have garnered Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards and nominations. As music producer, Spencer has sold millions of gold and platinum records. He has expanded his pedigree by architecting and executing original content for films, brands and distribution companies to get their message across, utilizing music as an organic component.
Meteor 17
Spencer strives to make a difference in pop culture with projects that have meaning for people’s lives, while entertaining them. He is a music industry veteran who has graduated to pioneer convergence media integrations of projects in film and television for many years.

Proffer uses his skills, reach and career to make a meaningful difference in pop culture and education.  He accomplishes that by producing media, for both aesthetic and commercial purposes while having a positive, lasting impact for good across the globe.

Meteor and Cinevation will be co-producing a number of projects that are being is developed for the U.S. and worldwide market.

At the same time, we will be serving as Meteor 17’s partner in South Africa to bring powerful media being produced by Proffer which involve well-known musical talent, political leaders, pop culture icons and  successful concerts, programs and interviews for television, film, online and live exploitation.

We will also help to showcase the visionary nature of timeless works and talent that have significant appeal to fans around the world.